Baha'i Children's Class Resources
(Go to the sections called Book 3 or Book 3A depending on which age range you are teaching or to the section called Child Education). This is a great website with many valuable resources, including pdf files of the coloring pages and song lyrics, handouts to give parents as an introduction, links to buy the CDs of the songs, and the list could go on -- there are so many great resources on their site.
Listed on this site are many useful links to websites. Some helpful sections on this site are Spiritual Education Resources and Core Curriculum for Spiritual Education. Under the "Spiritual Education Resources" section there is a link to the Brilliant Star Magazine Index that lists every issue of the magazine since 1991 -- this is great for if you already have a collection of the magazines and just want to find which one would have the virtue/activity you are looking for.
Sign in and search for the teacher's tool box. My Ruhi Book 3A tutor let me know about this resource =).
The Brilliant Star magazine has great activities and stories that children really enjoy.
A Baha'i store that sells materials for children's classes.
A blog about children's classes with some anecdotes about how each lesson went. Be sure to check out the "files" section for some materials to use.
This site has materials created by Linden Qualls. Click on the part that says "available documents"
A list of useful websites and resources out by the Snohomish Baha'i School
Great clear and useful introduction to use when explaining to others about Baha'i Children's Class.
Explains about the importance of Baha'i Children's Class and Spiritual Education. Also provides links to people interested in learning more as well as some resources.
Virtues Project site that gives concrete definitions and examples of each virtue and how each one looks in practice in our daily lives. You can also purchase the Virtues cards and other resources at this site.

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