Baha'i Children's Class -- Supplies and Books

Some stores that are useful for supplies are: Big Lots (especially for items like scissors, glue, and stationary), 99 cent store or Dollar Tree (great for art supplies and plastic tubs to store supplies in an organized way), and stores like Target (in their stationary/art section).

One way to help the environment while finding free materials is to join your local freecycle organization. This is where people offer free items for you to pick up in your own city. Oftentimes I will see people post free children's books, classroom supplies, stationary, toys, and so on.

I have created a teacher store through Amazon that is focused on Children's books, Children's songs, and School Supplies. Click here to see the store.

There is always your public library as a source for books, videos, and DVDs (check out my posts about each virtue and the section on the side of my website to see some books that I recommend). They also usually have a bookstore at the library with affordable children's books.

To create your own boardgame about theVirtues, you can go to the Bare Books company and purchase a kit that has a blank, durable game board (just like real boardgames), spinner, money, cards, and any other item you can think of (and at a reasonable price). Great too for if you want to create your own family boardgame, you can even print out digital photos of each family member and attach that to the playing pieces to move around the game.

Now it's your turn...I would like to hear from you :).

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Anonymous said...

I am going to be returning many times to this helpful site that has so many useful tips and resources for Baha'i Children's Classes. I also found your "mainstream" educational site ( helpful for classroom teaching as well. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this site! I am so excited to use ALL of these ideas in my Baha'i children's classes. I was a little discouraged by the inattentiveness and lack of discipline with the children, and your suggestions for classroom management sound like they will do the trick.

I am going to spread the news to others about this!!!

Get2theResource said...

Aww thank you so much, that means so much to me :). Sorry this response is so late, I had a baby and hadn't had as much time to work on this site :)Hope the classes are going well :)

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